We Probably Know Already Between Us But If We Don’t Know Yet We Know Someone Who Does



EthelBertClub and Bouncing Beatrice


Hiya Friend!!

We Probably Know Already Between Us

But If We Don’t Know Yet

We Know Someone Who Does


We’re being helpful, wivva ISH, and having another go at breaking the post title length world record while doing it – 

We Probably Know Already Between Us But If We Don’t Know Yet We Know Someone Who Does!

There, that’s heading & title both in place so Google should be happy now.  Not that we give a stuff about them really.  But if we can be helpful and beggar up Google’s search pages we’d hate to disappoint!!

We believe in UnseriousSeriousMarketing, ‘coz all work and no play makes Jill a very dull girl and leaves Jack the washing up, just like Bert!

We hope it helps give Google a fainting spell ‘coz we love winding up Google at every opportunity.


We would like to thank you personally for accepting our friend’s request at Facebook.


We know that friends are what it is all about.  Friends who know each other and who care about each other.

Not so-called friends who are piled into a corner to be used when we think they might be useful or serve some agenda for us.  

We Sell Nothing

We are not sales people  

We aim to be an information hub and simply helpers who love to feel useful, just like so many of YOU do too.  Everything we recommend has been put through our testing to see if what is being offered works.  If it does, we’ll let you know how it will work for you.  If it doesn’t, well let you know why.

Any hour we are online, and that’s most hours of most days, we are here to help you in any way we can, for free, no obligations and no demands.


Play Round Your House



Olivetti A5
(Image courtesy – OldComputers.com)

Bert used to fix these machines – an old accounting machine and an early disk driven machine. 

These were in corporate offices in the 1980s before PCs ever hit the world. 

Bert fixed these before he ever fixed any other computers in the business systems industries.

The rest of us weren’t that silly.  We just called Bert in and let him fix them for us.

When Bert hit computers ages 16, computers bit Bert, and he hasn’t stopped learning everything about them he can ever since.  He’s right old, really, Bert is.  But never too old to do the washing up!


Olivetti BCS 2030We are online today, just as we have been since the internet first began….before it was available to the public.

Here’s our friendly hand to you, our friends…If ever you get stuck with anything let’s all work together to get unstuck.

No fees, no demands, no hassles

Just a helping hand for you when needed.



Our experience of networking systems started before email started.  We were there, supplying a new tech, email machines, to corporate clients when email first hit the scenes.

Our experience has taught us one thing, and it’s a vital thing…


We Probably Know Already Between Us

But If We Don’t Know Yet

We Know Someone Who Does


What this genuinely means if you’ve got anything holding you up let’s sort it and get you going as you should.  Your valuable friendship means something valuable to us because we all need friends, don’t we?

So Hello from me, LuckyEthel (AKA Caroline Kish) and Hiya from Bert (AKA Andre Kish) – Google me LuckyEthel  or My Mate Bert or just Google our real names.

We will see you on Facebook or where-ever needed ‘coz we’re on loads of platforms!

Thank you for being our friend!


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We would like to thank Sharon Poh for her sweet inspiration for this page