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Hello and Welcome to EthelBertClub everyone. I’m LuckyEthel.

Welcome to the first in our First Steps For Affiliate Marketers Training – The Numbers Game.

My hubby Bert says that’s because I’m married to him. Thanks for joining us on this, our first, EthelBertClub First Steps Training Sessions AudioPOD, designed for listening while surfing!

We are creating our First Steps Training series to help newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing and online branding.

Here at EthelBertClub we apply this concept.


Teaching you using humour that you’ll never forget, so you’ll remember, and want to apply what you learn.

We hope this unique approach will keep you learning and keep you wanting to learn even more.

Even Experts still learn at EthelBertClub. That’s what my hubby bert says while he is stroking the cat.

Over the coming weeks, our EthelBertClub First Steps Training Sessions will take you from your very first steps, right from the very beginning of what it means to be working online, and branding stuff there.

We will take you through a series of short, 30 minute training steps, that will give you an overall idea of what affiliate marketing and online branding are all about.

You will also be able to get quite a good idea of what Bert is all about too, and you may even be able to recommend a good psychiatrist since his last one jumped out of the window.

Bert and I are EthelBert and we will be bringing our first steps training series to you using different media so that you’ll be able to get the maximum benefit from each of them.

Bert’s on technical stuff so if it breaks you know exactly who to blame this time. It will be Bert.

We will be using blog posts where you can read, and save, a written copy of this step by step training to your computers.

We will use vlogs, so you can see live branding training in action, and as an additional bonus we will be keeping you up to date with the results we achieve, because we think the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

Here at EthelBertClub we will also be creating this First Steps Training series as a series of podcasts so you can just listen and learn while you surf, especially for you traffic exchange surfers out there among our cool and amazing online friends.

So, here we go.

It’s done with the intros but Hello again just in case our rewind button gets stuck and we can’t check back to see Bert says.

Now it’s onwards with the training in, Bert’s got a countdown ‘coz he’s helpful is Bert.

  • 10, have you got your pens? Amazon sell pens so pop there then pop back if you need to but do be quick.
  • 9, those 9 pens in your drawer look just fine so amazon have lost out this time.
  • 8, We’ve got no more time to wait but you can always buy a clock from ebay if you fancy. Bert says ebay is only for those who can’t spell Amazon properly or have been banned.
  • 7, Are you ready for training heaven? That’s rubbish Bert. I just Don’t know what God may say about that though ‘coz branding using God just don’t seem right really so we never said that just now, OK?
  • 6, We’ve even had our Weetabix. They sell that here in the UK so my hubby Bert’s going to send them a bill for the plug,
  • 5, Get ready to dive straight into this training after we’ve finished this countdown for full effect Bert Says.
  • 4, Lock your front door. You don’t want burglars in while your busy at EthelBertClub. We’d feel awful and your insurance premiums would go up unless you become and affiliate for some insurance company or other. But that won’t replace grandma if she gets nicked, will it?
  • 3, There’s only 2 left to go now but that doesn’t rhyme with 3, does it really. I did tell Bert that but he was down the pub and wasn’t listening properly, again.
  • 2, Oooh. Bert’s says he is here to join us and help keep the party going. But I told him. I said Bert, some people just don’t need help ‘coz they’re really busy failing at everything.
  • 1. That’s it. Countdown over. Bert want us to start the fun. Right now, straight away, immediately. Not, next, week, Bert, Get, On, With, It. And get that cat back out of that skip.


Ahem Ahem, ahem.

Welcome to The Numbers Game.

The Numbers Game is the very first thing you need to know about and understand, at least a little, when you work from home affiliate marketing, branding yourself, or whatever your online needs are.

At EthelBertClub we call it The Numbers Game because that’s what advertising and branding online is basically all about. It’s about How many numbers here and how many numbers there.

The numbers game includes How many ads will you have showing at any given time while you are branding?

You can start with as little as a single post at Facebook for example and create new posts to grow as you grow.

However. think about how many adverts you will see for companies like Amazon and Sony and Playstation.

They don’t ever have just one ad for one product, they have many. Because they can make several ads focusing on different aspects of a single product, just as you can, and we will show you how.

The numbers game includes How many platforms you are using to display your ads.

Facebook Groups, Facebook Clubs, google plus groups, linked in groups.

There are hundred of social media platforms and even traffic exchanges, where you can advertise for nothing but your own efforts out there in online land.

The numbers game includes How many hours are you willing to put into your marketing or branding?

Things don’t happen accidentally. They happen for a reason. That reason must be you.

That reason must be your efforts. Lots of hours and lots of hard work are involved in online marketing. It is not a one day a week job, it is a 7 day a week job, always requiring attention and never resting.

Different advertising platforms will achieve different results

Among the places we ourselves advertise, and to help spread our EthelBertClub word far and wide, we use completely free traffic exchanges where EthelBertClub is branded thousands of times everyday in front of thousands of traffic exchange surfers.

However, Traffic exchanges rarely, if ever, get you sales. They get you noticed. They get your brand noticed. They also add to your contact lists.

That’s why we use them as a part in our numbers game. And that’s why thousands of people see our site each and every single day.

Traffic exchanges are a brilliant branding tool and also help us test our ads before the really big guns like Google get a penny of our cash when ever we choose to use them for paying ads.

But. The. Most. Important. Part. Of. The. Numbers. Game. Is.

How many sales can I expect from all my hard work?

I’ve sat with my computer. I’ve set up ads. I’ve joined social media groups, and even paid for pay per click ads so I can ensure my ads are at the top page of Google so what really can I honestly expect?

What will be the real results not the sale and promotional hype? What does the advertising industry say about the numbers game?

Well, they use it themselves , we did when we worked in the corporate environment assisting commercial sales people with software and ads so that says everything you need to know about it.

Here is where the numbers game becomes a living thing. Now , truly, is where the numbers game starts to work for you.

Here is where the numbers game can make you as rich as you want to be when you advertise in just the right places, to the right people, and the right age maybe, living in Chicago maybe, who love Burgers maybe.

Focusing the numbers in your favour.

Getting your ads focused on a set demographic can turn the numbers game into your greatest friend. The one who doesn’t give you bull or peddle pipe dreams. Focused ads kick start the real numbers game into action.

Focused ads help us really apply the numbers game and make it work in our favour, just as it will work in your favour too. It will.

Focused ads make pay per click ads at places like google much cheaper for us and help drop the cost of each visitor click on our ads to as low as a penny a click, which is very good anywhere in the pay per click world.

Let’s apply the numbers game.

Normally, on average we would expect anywhere between 2 and 4 percent sales completed for every one hundred genuinely interested visitors. The numbers game in action, really in action.

For each time our ads are seen by people who the ads are relevant to, we expect at least 2 sales when we advertise using google pay per click ads that get seen at the top of the google search page.

More often than not we achieve four or even more sales using this route, depending on the product, timing, and customer need for any product or service.

If you’re selling a service or your own product expect this number of direct contacts from your ads. Get your phone or email auto-responders ready while you let the numbers game work.

Now that we know that the numbers game is standard advertising expectation, we know that a norm across the advertising world as we know from direct experience within the commercial industries, is between 2 and 4 percent, conversion of ads to sales we can work out how many times our ads need to displayed at any given advertising platform.

By doing this we can schedule ad creation alongside ad displays and networking.  We can make our time productive and varied.  It really helps when you’re busy online all day.

Using The Numbers Game.

Always in the back of what we do, everything we do, we do get results. 

Whether it is product sales via our own online shops sites where we sell Amazon stuff, or just adding to our network of contacts as we do via social media and other platforms, we use the numbers game ourselves here at EthelBertClub

This is the result of the numbers game. These are the kind of results you should expect if you apply your efforts to online marketing.

So always keep in mind the numbers game, right from the very start. It is being a living part of this numbers game that what you do online gets you seen and your sales, sold. It is the backbone of advertising and branding.

Here at EthelBertClub we call it as it is. It is, the, numbers, game.

That’s it for today everyone.

Join us very soon for the next part in this EthelBertClub First Steps Training series for newcomers to online marketing and branding.

We hope you found this training fun and informative.  If you did, do get in touch here at EthelBertClub. 

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What we mean is this.

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Part 2 What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Part 3 Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Part 4 The Importance Of Branding


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