LuckyEthel GIF Collection

Here at EthelBert Club we have a growing collection of GIFs that you can use out on FaceBook messaging or on Twitter. 

As always, everything at this site is free to copy and use yourselves. 

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LuckyEthel n Bert Say Hiya

Ethel n Bert Waving In Park

Ethel n Bert Say “Hiya”


LuckyEthel Waving

Just Me, LuckyEthel

(used to say Hello or Goodbye)

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Ethel n Bert Clapping in Park

LuckyEthel & Bert On Scooters

Bouncing Beatrice At FaceBook

Euseless Eugine In The Pink

Ethel n Bert Yaay

LuckyEthel at EthelBert Club

Ethel n Bert n Branding YOUniversity

Rover Punching Air In Yellow

Rover Mosh In Yellow

Rover Happy Leaping Yellow

Rover Land Ahoy

Rover Levitating

Rover Del Boy Fall

Rover A Okay

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LuckyEthel at EthelBert Club

Rover Happy Leaping In Pink

Rover Happy Leaping In Blue

Ethel N Bert Waving No Logo


My Mate, Bert GIFs

My Mate Bert Stumble Guitar


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Bouncing Beatrice At FaceBook

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