EasyHits4U is the BIGGEST traffic exchange.

It’s the perfect place to brand your website using the banners platform or display your own landing page using the EasyHits4U Easy Splash Builder!!

EasyHits4U is a free traffic exchange which provides you with unlimited quality traffic! As a free member you’ll get all sorts of very useful tools to help you with your branding & track your progress. You can get started in minutes, even if you never used a traffic exchange before.

EasyHits4U is the world’s biggest traffic exchange with over 1.2 million members available to watch your adverts and they pay you $0.30 for every 1,000 members’ adverts you view.  

1:1 surf – credit rate using 20 second timer.

Claim payout via Payza once you have $3.00. 

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We highly recommend EasyHits4U as a major part of our Earn As You Learn training.  Join us and find out how you can start your own online business with zero cash!!


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