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Hello, folks. When it comes to SEO our SEO Tips For Newbies below will be just what you need to get the maximum benefit from search engines and social media.

Search engines drive about half of the online traffic these days.  Google alone is searched 3.5 billion times each day.  However social media platforms are fast catching up with search engines as a means of information. 

Many people now use social media platforms – to the extent that Facebook has about 2 billion searches each day, while Twitter has 1.5 billion.


Relevant Content Is King

Having new, valuable & original content on your blog or pages is the best way to drive your rankings up in Google and other search engines.  The quality should always be good & must be of value to the reader & be as original as you can make it.  This helps both your rankings and your ability to stand out amongst the crowd.  Your content must always be of relevance to your visitor or they’ll just leave.


TOP 7 SEO Tips For Beginners:

  1. Use LINKING to other sites as much as possible.  Google loves it & you gain credibility.
  2. Prioritise the USER EXPERIENCE so always have your visitor’s view in mind.
  3. Use QUICK LOADING pages that don’t keep visitors hanging around.
  4. Use SOCIAL MEDIA.  An excellent way to drive traffic to your sites.
  5. CHOOSE GOOD KEYWORDS in title, 1st 160 characters of post, at foot of post & in meta descriptions.
  6. HAVE A LONG TERM SEO STRATEGY or maybe hire a specialist SEO company to do it all for you.
  7. KEEP MARKETING your sites or products – people forget you quickly.


Hopefully these short tips will help you understand a little bit more about how you’ll get most benefit from your SEO.

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