Wealthy Affiliate – More Harm Than Good?

Wealthy Affiliate Misleading Salesmanship

Hiya, folks.  Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate – More Harm Than Good?

Having been a member of WA who was actively trying to mentor new members I discovered that WA mentorship actually does not exist. Not one person who I asked at WA knew who their mentor was, let alone got ANY help from them.

Whenever I contacted my up line mentor the reply I always got was the standard reply as above.


Results From Personal Research

From my research asking people about their success it seems that only 5 or 6 people in any single year ever achieve what they set out to achieve – making money from WA promotions.

The average time to become successful and recover the premium fee each month is over 3 years as far as I can discern.


Misleading Sales Pitch

I think WA are extremely misleading in their sales pitched. The moment you arrive at WA they are bombarding you with UPGRADE promotions including their LIMITED time offer of $19 for the first month.

This time limited offer has no time limit – my wife is still being offered that rate after 3 years even though she gave up with WA long ago. So clearly WA promotion materials are false!!


SEO Is NOT A Child’s Game

What people don’t realise is that SEO is not a child’s game – it takes expertise and great effort to reach page one on any search keyword. The vast majority of WA members seem delighted that they’ve made page 10 or 20 as it’s the first time they get to see any results anywhere and even that after months and months of extremely hard work.

From decades of online experience I know that there are far quicker routes to making money online – eShops, for example. Yet when mentioning this on WA chat all the WA members disagreed – UNTIL I PROVED IT TO THEM LIVE IN FRONT OF THE WA CHAT – then they all fell silent because they had no answer.

I don’t ever promote WA & recommend people approach them WA with extreme caution or, as you say, if they no longer keep paying $50 or there-abouts each month – THEY WILL LOSE ALL SITES HOSTED BY WA. I’ve seen this happen time and time again and have witnessed the bitter taste this left in ex-members’ mouths.


No-One Makes Money At WA In 2 Minutes

Never has ANYONE had a money making site up and running in 2 minutes – they have an empty WordPress shell that they have to stock themselves. This can take months or years.


Summing It All Up

Overall, I personally think Wealthy Affiliate does much more harm than good. The average membership is about 3 months because that seems to be the time it takes on average for WA members and wanna-be marketers to wise up to the FACT they have been entirely MISLED by the sales process.

If this upsets anyone that’s tough – these are the FACTS Of LIFE when dealing with Wealthy Affiliate.

All the best and – (standard answer) – “Great article- you’ll be making a profit sometime next century.”


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  1. I am not sure what this rant is about and I disagree with what you say.
    I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate for only about 4 months and began to earn money.
    As for the $19 for first month premium, I believe it is set up for those who still aren’t sure if it is something they can doi, then they aren’t paying the $49 for their first month to find out.
    You can NOT get training that is of the same quality that you get at Wealthy Affiliate, for free or by paying a more outrageous price.
    I started with them knowing nothing at all about affiloate marketing and have learned so much and have more to learn.
    The community there is one you will not see anywhere else.
    They have members who go above and beyond when you don’t understand something.
    And you are not told at any point that you can make money in 2 minutes.
    You can have your site up. There is a big difference between those 2.
    There are MANY successful members at WA and many more to come.

    • Hiya, Lee Ann. Not quite sure why you see this as a rant. I’ve met so many people who are very, very disappointed with Wealthy Affiliate because they lost all of their hard work after months of effort when they could no longer afford the $50 every month with no income yet.

      At no point does WA make it properly clear to upgraded members that they will lose their sites if they don’t continue paying $50 every month nor do WA make it easy for them to move their sites.

      Having tried to use the WA help files about FTP & file data backup, and having had to show WA members how to do this properly myself I simply have to stand by every word I say in this post – Wealthy Affiliate are guilty in my professional view after decades online as a trainer and mentor of WordPress sites of grossly misleading salesmanship & I know of dozens of people who agree.

      Not allowing any members to link to their own stuff, sites or similar leaves ALL WA with their hands tied behind their backs when they want to help others as WA only allow comments in chat which is completely inadequate & does not work to the proper benefit of new WA members.

      I’m saying this because I’ve heard it dozens of times and can show the Facebook groups set up by disgruntled ex-WA members which prove this point perfectly.

      I do hope this doesn’t upset you but WA is not all it is said to be – it has major flaws which are critical to have correctly sorted when you are a complete newcomer to blogging or online marketing. It’s sad to have to say this but it is true.

      The main thing is that there are far more failures from WA than success stories – but this can be said of many places outside. Based on the fact that it takes on average 3 months to discover this it means that it actually costs most people $120 to find that out. This is before they lose their sites as WA places all of it’s focus on getting people to host their sites at WA – there are hundreds of posts at WA all showing people how to do this. Try to find an effective training about how to leave WA and it is sadly lacking & very sad for new online marketers as they are often discouraged from ever marketing online again. This has been my personal and direct experience; is not a rant; and shows how harmful sales oriented training, as is the focus at WA, can be.

      All the best & I truly hope you get the best you can from WA but I do have 1 simple Q – Do you know of any WA members who could earn $1400 PROFIT in the first 4 weeks at WA as I & many others have shown people how to do outside of WA simply using WooCommerce and WordPress as an eStore?

      I suspect the answer is NO.

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