Bitcoin Wins The Crypto Race

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Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to Bitcoin Wins The Crypto Race.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so we’ll let these images from London do the talking.


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Technology drives what happens in our lives today and in our future. 

Windows drives what technology does for us as we get better at developing usable computers.

Blockchain technology is driving the future crypto markets. 

The Bitcoin blockchain is just like Windows 10 – everyone knows it and all the kids love it.  Experts are now starting to trust Bitcoin because it is safer than the banks.

But alongside Windows 10 we also have Apple and Linux and Android operating systems.  Alongside BTC there will be other winners. 


The Crypto-currency Race


At this time it looks like people like BTC, Ethereum, Doge and Lite as crypto currencies but remember this is just like a never ending horse race – any horse can he ahead at any given moment but the best horses will all be in the mix.

Sadly, we don’t place XRP Ripple in this mix as we think they have a very short lifespan because all Ripple has been mined and 60% of all Ripple are owned by Ripple Labs, Inc, who can now use their holdings of Ripple to manipulate the price. 

This is entirely opposite of the purpose of crypto currencies whose goal is to prevent manipulation in prices by the banks.  So until Ripple is not controlled by Ripple Labs, Inc, we think they will not survive long.

But who knows, eh?  We’ve been wrong before like every other human.

That’s what blockchain technology is all about and why this technology rules the online world at this time.

Our shops in London ain’t gonna let technology leave them out of the selling mix so they, too, are gearing up for Bitcoin.



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