Are You A User Loser?

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Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to Are You A User Loser?

For your benefit the time to be straight has come.

Decent traffic exchanges like Hungry For Hits are few and far between. 

Admin and members share in the branding so it’s always fresh and new.  You’ll see what we mean below when the robots get loose!

You may not want to read what’s below and it’s your life to ignore sound advice if you want to.  It’s your life to ignore the facts of your life if you want to.

After being online for decades we’ve earned the right to use our expertise to help.

For your benefit we’re spilling the beans on some very awkward real life facts that might be dragging you down and wasting your time completely.


Round And Round Like A Carousel

My Mate Bert Confused GuitarDo you go round in circles all day just clicking icons on your screen hoping it will make you wealthy? Could you be a User Loser?

Are you just copying ads that thousands already use? Are you prepared to get off your butt and learn to do the job properly?

Do you do nothing but display ads for other traffic exchanges, branding them not you.

If you do nothing for yourself then you could be a user, just using other peoples’ expertise for your own ends.

When doing this, not only might you be a user, but you might be well on your way to becoming a User Loser.

User losers don’t do any new work. They do no training.

User losers make no effort to make their mark online.

They fail because failure is their only option.  It’s called cause and effect, nothing more or less than that.


Hungry For Hits LIVE Admin Support

User losers fail because the ads they copy have already been seen by millions, so many times before so it makes no difference if your picture is on the ad, the visitor sees the branded site not your photo.

The visitor doesn’t know who you are nor will they checkout any other stuff you have because they’ve seen your ads before. and they know there’s nothing new.

If you are convinced that you are a marketer simply because you display other peoples’ ads then you’ve been lied to.

If you’ve been told that clicking icons on a screen for 8 hours when you should have been marketing outside of traffic exchanges then you’ve been scammed.


Hungry For Hits LIVE Admin Support

My Mate Bert Stumble GuitarOnline marketing us about do-ers, those who do, new and innovative things. 

The admin support at Hungry For Hits encourage your own unique profile pages…kinda like this

Klara also teaches branding and how Hungry For Hits can be used for maximum effect, not just inside traffic exchanges, but also out on the world’s social media platforms.

Online marketing is not about don’ters who don’t add anything of value so don’t earn cash.

Branding is about branding something useful to your visitors and you, not just branding for some-one else.

That’s just a con and a scam, but most surfers are far too busy trying to earn a cent an hour to notice they’ve been scammed again, only this time by an unscrupulous TE owner.


All Employers Train Their Staff

If you ever want to earn real cash then learn the job, just like everyone who is successful must.  Your current boss, if you have one, may well insist on it when you join the industry.

The traffic exchange world is not different.

You will not be handed cash for nothing but many TE owners will because they’ve got you going on the traffic exchange merry-go-round and you’re earning them cash not yourself.


Foxy Roxy Robot


The  solution is to learn the job.  Checkout our First Steps Training for Newcomers To Online Marketing here.


Traffic exchange owners create the splash pages for advertisers to use, the surfers who use them don’t. 

Traffic exchanges provide advertisers with a perfect branding tool but why should TE owners brand anyone but themselves when they did all the work?

How can you expect a TE owner to pay you when you’ve actually done no more than a minute’s work adding a link to a splash page the TE owners created. 

They usually did the creative work, not the surfers.

There’s no point whinging about traffic exchanges cutting out the surfing cash because they’re fed up with user loser surfers.

It’s surf for pennies user loser surfers who are killing the traffic exchange industry and preventing real advertisers from advertising at them.

My Mate Bert GoodnightSo when the time comes to check your bank balance and your account is empty blame yourself for not doing any marketing because it will be your own fault if you don’t learn the job, won’t it?

User Losers get what they earn from their own work not other peoples’ so user losers earn and get almost nothing.


Creative Branding That’s Unique.  Creative Branding That Works!!


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