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Ffrees Family Finance Status Page

Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to Ffrees Turns To Anti-Ffrees – our take on the disgraceful behaviour of Ffrees Family Finance who have left thousands of UK benefits claimants without any state benefit this week, and quite possibly next week as well.

EthelBertClub always support everyone who wants to try to work from home – especially when they are disabled, vulnerable or unemployed. 

We think all UK people wanting to work from home should see this as the antics of the company below are stopping people in their tracks.  Families without food and power.  Babies left in the dark and people who want to try to improve their lives halted in their efforts.

Ffrees call themselves a friendly bank but that is exactly what they are not. 

We think this is amongst the most outrageous abuse of disabled and vulnerable people across the UK that we’ve seen in years.


The Abuse Of The Disabled

First the Ffrees software handling all BACs payments crashes so no-one gets any cash from Tuesday yet Ffrees let no-one know what’s going on.  Ffrees simply hide behind their service status announcements that tell people absolutely nothing and leave their members in the lurch for several days.

Ffrees Family Finance Status Page


Then on Friday Ffrees updated the service status announcement to say all BACs payments have been returned to the DWP where disabled persons benefits payments come from.


The Abuse Of The Vulnerable

By Saturday, Ffrees have announced that they have contacted the DWP to arrange for all missing BACs payments to be re-submitted late on Friday evening.

SERVICE STATUS ANNOUNCEMENT MADE 11:48pm on a bank holiday weekend when far too late for anyone to do anything to arrange to get their benefits paid elsewhere even though many have done this.

Ffrees Saturday Service Status


In doing this Ffrees Family Finance have ensured that no-one can have any benefits payments unless Ffrees allow it, giving affected members no opportunity to make alternative arrangements as we had done.

This means that Ffrees may well be manipulating the system to make sure people don’t leave them.


Summing It All Up

Ffrees have announced that they will have a webchat system open on Sunday.  Why?

Sunday is far too late for anyone to do anything – 5 days after they first knew they had a major problem causing devastation for some vulnerable families. 

We suggested this 2 days ago but nothing happened then, when folk could have made alternative arrangements.

It’s our strongly held belief that this is far, far too little that’s far, far too late.

Sunday all banks are closed across the UK and won’t re-open until next Tuesday after this weekend’s bank holidays.

As a digital media company with eyes to the future Ffrees Fail Utterly

No compassion, no correct advice, no help at all except for useless chat when everything is closed.

We now ask Ffrees this question:  What the hell are you idiots playing at?  Don’t you know how to run a digital online company in this 21st century?

How come SKYBET upstairs from you can do things beautifully yet Ffrees cannot?  We simply call this INCOMPETENCE at it’s most nasty.


We have a new 3 word slogan for Frees Family Finance which we’ll be using everywhere so Google and all social media networks will spread the branding message:

Frees Family Finance

Shame On You!!


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