Ffrees – Fraud, Scam Or Utter Incompetence – You Decide

Ffrees Utterly Useless Banking

Hiya, Gang.  In this article Ffrees – Fraud, Scam Or Utter Incompetence – You Decide we’re lifting the lid on a very strange so-called Finance and Pre-Paid Visa Debit card company.

EthelBertClub always support everyone who wants to try to work from home – especially when they are disabled, vulnerable or unemployed. 

We think all UK people wanting to work from home should see this as the antics of the company below are stopping people in their tracks.  Families without food and power.  Babies left in the dark and people who want to try to improve their lives halted in their efforts.

Ffrees Data Breaches

The company in question is called: Frees Family Finance and it is operated out of offices in Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, Sheffield, S1 2BJ.


Ffrees Family Finance Logo


Once again – despite ALL other UK banks having sorted all online banking problems, Ffrees have left their account holders in the lurch!

Ffrees Baby Left Crying With No Food Or Benefits Cash
Mummy – why have Ffrees got my dinner?

Ffrees Family Finance

While all UK banking systems operate normally, Ffrees Family Finance seem incapable of getting cash into anyone’s accounts via the BACS system. 

All their BACS paid account holders, the vast majority of whom are disabled or vulnerable people, have been left with no cash and absolutely no explanation nor idea of what is going on.

This is an utterly disgraceful abuse of vulnerable and disabled people in the UK.

We are gathering as much info about this company to present to the UK Banking Ombudsman for a thorough investigation of this company. Leave us your details below.


Ffrees Family Finance Status Page

(click image for full view)


Facebook Complaints Disappearing

While the Ffrees Banking System is down AGAIN several Facebook complaints were made to this company, yesterday. 

Today, all have gone. 

To ensure our warnings do not go un-noticed we’ve used hashtags such as #Ffrees, #UnBanking and #UAccount.  We hope this will prevent complaints being removed and a completely false impression of this company being propagated online.


How Many Older Folk Might This Kill?

Leaving vulnerable and disabled people without any chance of getting their UK Paid Benefits is an utter abuse of every one of their account holders. 

Innocent folk are tonight ONCE AGAIN left without food or electricity.


Ffrees - Utterly Useless Banking


If you’ve had dealings with Ffrees Family Finance via their Ffrees Accounts or U Accounts and are yet another of their victims, please leave us your details below and we will contact you in order that we can all get together and get this company sorted out once and for all.


Ffrees Leaving Vulnerable People Without Benefits
This used to be my house – but then I met Ffrees!


Checkout How Many Directors

Have Recently Left Ffrees Here

If you need further info please call every one of the FORMER Ffrees DIRECTORS on the list on the above page link at whatever time you fancy.

Their hours are not your hours!!


Alexander Letts – Ffrees Director 

(Press above name link for details)

Ffrees Alex Letts Director

Shame On You!!


Summing It All Up

Ffrees Family Finance – please get your act together or your company will fold.  That is a real and simple fact of life once word gets out on Page 1 of Google using PPC Ads

Over these true and honest adverts Ffrees have no control, but like Cambridge Analytica – useless companies go into the realms of history just to be used as examples of how NOT TO DO THINGS.


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  1. I’m happy to talk at length about UAccount and the problems they have created for me and some of the underhand and deceitful lies I have been told in the past 13 months

    • Hiya, Stephen. Thanks for your comments and support.

      We’ve noticed over the years that so many companies attempt badly to hide behind their terms and conditions whenever they are exposed as incompetents. However, hiding behind such things does not prevent people getting together nor class action law suits when taken to the Financial Ombudsman.

      Hiding just gets exposed across the entire social media platforms such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

      Ffrees Families Left UnFinanced

      If this company does not get it’s act together it will collapse and we will be delighted to publish the demise of this company everywhere we go online in the UK. We’ve found that when all MPs get bombarded with the same complaints action gets taken – info only – our last need for this had a company mentioned in the House Of Commons and Hansard within 24 hours.

      Meanwhile – by the time we’ve finished here from Brighton everyone will know the name of Frees Family Finance and will avoid them. We are what’s called in the industry – Creative Branding Experts and we will get noticed…that’s a promise.

      Our Google Analytics - 4 - 5 views per minute
      Some days we have up to 27 visitors every minute.

      Perhaps it’s time that Alexander Francis Donald LETTS took US our for lunch and a chat at his expense.

      It’s amazing how quickly animated toon videos get shared out online – ours are seen 1000s of times every day. I wonder what we can dream up for Ffrees here for our next toon video. It won’t be pretty as people who abuse vulnerable and disabled people, even if it is just by ignorance, get showcased before the entire world.

      Any info you may wish to share we would be delighted to receive at MyMateBert@gmail.com

      Press this link to see what Bert thinks of Ffrees at this moment here.

      Catch you soon – LuckyEthel n Bert

      LuckyEthel n Bert say Ffrees are shite!

  2. My money was due on Thursday I have 4 kids and been left with nothing as they said money was returned back to tax credits as they were having problems rang tax credits and they said it has not shown up as returned so until tax credits get it back I’m left totally with nothing

    • Hiya, Tanya – Ffrees have become a bit of a nightmare lately. Most funds should be cleared soon Ffrees say but they readily admit they left 568 account holders with nothing. I wonder what Alex Letts, CEO of Ffrees, would say if they all turned up at his house demanding he feed them as he has set up a system that has left 568 members potless. Ffrees appear not to give a hoot about anyone but themselves. We do not believe that 568 is a true figure!

      Alex Letts advertises Ffrees as being useful – it is not. It is a nightmare for so many!

      The web chat they promised for today doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere so haven’t found it yet. Having web chat this late after a crisis like this for many is really stupid of Ffrees. They call themselves a digital media company but have absolutely no idea about it at all nor customer service.

      As far as can find out Ffrees list 15 employees at their LinkedIn site and they use Twitter with nothing new on it.

      As a finance company they are utterly useless so we, as a branding group, are now actively branding them across many platform using a new 3 word slogan
      “Ffrees – Shame On You!”

      We think the company deserves this new slogan so we are more than happy to promote this for them.

      We hope everything gets sorted for you as quickly as possible. We have moved banks as a result of this fiasco and we, and the Jobcenter, recommend not using this company as they cannot be trusted to be in any way reliable.

      All the very best wishes – Caroline (AKA LuckyEthel – My branding name).

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