Who Uses WordPress?  Top Industry Giants That’s Who


Hello and welcome.  In this article – Who Uses WordPress?  Top Industry Giants That’s Who – we’ll be dis-spelling a few myths about the power of WordPress and the scope  of it’s users.

One of the most common misunderstandings people often have about WordPress is just how much power is at their fingertips.

WordPress is the most adaptable & accessory laden blogging engine around with over 29,000 add-ons to improve it’s scope and variety.  WordPress is not just a blog engine – it’s a whole suite of applications covering almost everything that can be done online.


Global Homeworkers Club and WordPress WooCommerceHow Popular Is WordPress?

Many think that because WordPress is free most big companies wouldn’t touch it.  This is far from the truth, as the list of major companies below who using WordPress seems to prove.

WordPress is the most popular blogging engine available and it is free for anyone to download and use.  If you need any help just get in touch and we’ll be right here to assist you.

WordPress is so popular that most hosting companies have special software which will install WordPress for you, saving you hours of techy stuff just to get a bare page online.


Industry Giants Use WordPress


Global Homeworkers Club Privacy

The New Yorker

Bloomberg Professional

BBC America

The Official Star Wars Blog

Sony Music

MTV News


PlayStation Blog

Sweden’s Official Website

Microsoft News Center

cPanel Blog


Usain Bolt

The Walt Disney Company

Facebook Newsroom

The New York Times Company

Marks & Spencer For Business

Inside Blackberry

The Rolling Stones

The Walking Dead AMC

The Mozilla Blog

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Snoop Dog

Reuters Blog

Katy Perry

Vogue India

Mercedes Benz


Build Your Own WordPress Site

Seeing all these well loved brands making great use of WordPress you may well want to use this brilliant blogging system for yourself.

To start learning how to use the power of WordPress and get your own WordPress basic site online in just a few minutes head over to Wealthy Affiliate – possibly the best WordPress & Affiliate marketing tuition site online.


Global Homeworkers Club Wealthy Affiliate University Banner 64560


After your basic WordPress site is ready it’s yours to add any content you wish.  The WordPress basic site contains no articles or data – you add that for yourself.


GHClub LIVE 1 to 1 Training

Sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, but never upgrade without a very sound reason or before talking to us and you’ll be up and running using the easiest system we’ve ever found.  

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn a little more about WordPress and the major brands using it.  You will by now see the full power of the WordPress engine and realise WordPress isn’t just a play thing for small time bloggers and wanna-be entrepreneurs..

WordPress Is For Everyone


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