BREXIT – Never Be Unemployed Again


Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to BREXIT – Never Be Unemployed Again.

It has come to our attention here in the UK that we may have shot ourselves ever-so slightly in the foot.  In fact, we may well have blown our toes clean off.

Before we all limp off to the dole queues with our toes tucked neatly into our pockets, we want to let you know that BREXIT is potentially the most wonderful thing that has happened in Europe for donkeys’ years.

There is a sound reason for this optimism.  At last the people of the UK have a wonderful opportunity to really work globally without the EU constraints that have hampered us for so long.  For all overseas folk this is a time to fill your boots, as we say in the UK.  The UK start-Up market is booming and will soon explode as more and more people NEED to work from home.

We now all have the opportunity to never be unemployed again.

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