Bert’s Backward Guide To Building A Tree House

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Hello everyone & welcome to our first My mate Bert’s Backwards Guide, brought to you by those immensely wonderful people at Branding YOUniversity, and us even more wonderfuller people here at EthelBertClub.

This My mate Bert Backwards Guide is to help you brand yourself, your things, your websites, even your mother in law, if you need to get shot of her my dear old misguided hubby Bert says.

Since we love Branding YOUniversity, where you can learn a bit about branding, I suppose, we thought we would give you a quick example of what we get up to here at EthelBertClub.


Learning With Humour You’ll Never Forget

Here’s how we teach people loads and loads and loads of stuff about advertising and branding and traffic exchanges, and, and, and even more things than that.


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We call ourselves branding experts. That’s because EthelBertClub are, branding, experts.

So are the amazing folks at BrandingYOUniversity who are really kind and gave us this cool free vlog.

They will give you one too, if you sign up, and they won’t charge you a sausage for your very own free vlog.

Together, EthelBertClub, and BrandingYOUniversity, will show you properly.

Not like my dear hubby Bert. Are you behaving yourself in that horrible dank, dark prison Bert?


Bert Finds A Brand New Niche

My Mate Bert In Cell WavingBert found himself a brand new niche, didn’t you Bert?  

He saw how popular the niche was on YouTube the other day and it inspired him to really great things.

Bert thought he would be really useful and make a YouTube D I Y video on how to make a tree house.

He decided to build a tree house for the kids in the local park and live stream it out on social media ‘coz he’s ever so kind is Bert. 

Bert said a tree house would look great up that really big tree that stands alone in the middle of the park.

He’s far too clever at standing out too is Bert. Did you hear that Bert? You stand out like a meerkat on a moose on a mountain top Bert.

He went off bright and early in the morning with all his tools, didn’t you Bert? And much too full of enthusiasm.  He came home in a police car.

When I asked Bert what had happened he told me he got all his camera gear and his tools nicely set up for the YouTube video.

He said a crowd gathered around to watch. So he showed them what to do and he built a really lovely tree house and everyone applauded and everyone around the world was watching how clever Bert is, LIVE. 

Bert’s tree house had windows and doors and it even had a veranda.

It was only when Bert had finished the tree house for the kids to play in, that Bert realised his mistake, because the police arrived and arrested him.

My Mate Bert Gun To HeadBert had only gone and cut down the only tree in the park for the wood to make the tree house.

When it comes to standing out you know where to come. But, it would be best to ask me rather than Bert. He’s the expert in technical stuff so I leave all that to him while I go down the BINGO.


Creative Branding With The Experts

We stand out at EthelBertClub because we understand about branding, just like Branding YOUniversity understands a bit about branding , only we understand about branding even more because we have animated videos to prove it.

But both we, and BrandingYOUniversity, know how not to waste your precious website visitors’ time.

When people come to EthelBertClub and Branding YOUniversity, we show them in small simple, bite sized pieces, how to get the best results from their branding and their ads.

We show them how to get the best from EthelBertClub and how to use our combined online experience of more decades than Bert can now remember.

We show you at EthelBertClub and BrandingYOUniversity, using videos and blog posts, how to maximise your pay per click ads out on the social media platforms so you save yourself a heap load of wasted cash.


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We teach you how not to create irrelevant or mos-spelled text ads, ads that will look truly professional using the free online tools that the professionals use that are made for that purpose.

We will show you how to make Ads that look like you know what you are doing ,even if you don’t really.

Very soon at EthelBertClub & BrandingYOUniversity, we will teach you how not to look like an inexperienced dummy.

But even more than that, at EthelBertClub you can even learn how to make really cool animated videos, like all the ones what Bert is ever in if you want, Bert says.

And they’re much better than this prison cell Bert’s got to live in for the next few weeks, Eh Bert?


Grab Your Free Webinar Replay Training Now

Grab your free vlog from Branding YOUniversity right now before inflation sets in at the High Street and all the prices go up.

The free vlog at Branding YOUniversity will still be free even then, and probably a lot freer than Bert.

There is only one Bert, in EthelBert dot Club, not two, Bert says.

Bert should know. He learned how to spell EthelBert in the prison club just last week.

It already had club written on the door so that was easy for Bert to remember.

He was in the prison club, choosing his next probation officer, for his helpful new brochure, “How To Choose The Right Probation Officer For All Sorts Of Occasions”.

I think Bert might be in a cell for a long time, Don’t You?


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