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Part 1 The Numbers Game

Part 2 What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Part 4 The Importance Of Branding


LuckyEthel WavingHello everyone from me, LuckyEthel, and Bert, my dear sweet hubby, sometimes.

Welcome to this, the third in our First Steps Training for newcomers to affiliate marketing, all designed for surfers to keep surfing and learning, and earning and learning at the same time. In this step we’ll be discussing The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing.

Here Since The Beginning

Here at EthelBertClub, Bert says we’ve been online marketing since the week before the universe began. No Bert, I have to keep telling him, that’s just wishful thinking. We were just getting ready the week before the universe began.

There were not even any stars to market to that week so we had to wait a few days first. Bert’s getting a little forgetful these days and I have to remind him we didn’t start online marketing proper until, the week after, the universe began.

It’s best to be honest with people I always think. Bert says he remains to be convinced.

So far in the first two steps of this first steps training for newcomers to affiliate marketing series, in step one we discovered that there is a numbers game at work which when used correctly in your favour with focused and targetted ads will drive between 2 and 4 percent sales or contacts through your sites.

It’s advertising industry standard and we find it always works each and every time.

Later, In step 2, we discovered that affiliate marketing is really just glorified salesmanship that gets you higher commissions than the commissions earned by sales folk who work for companies in offices selling socks.

The folks sitting in offices rarely wear any of the socks they sell so they rarely, if ever, get the full customer experience of just how smelly those socks can be after a while, around a fortnight or so after you put them on in my dear old hubby Bert’s case.


Starting The Benefits

Today we will find out about the benefits of affiliate marketing and selling other peoples’ stuff for them. Selling other people’s stuff can be hard work. It isn’t to be taken lightly.

Before you go anywhere near online marketing of any kind, ask yourself a few quick questions.

Are You Already Too Comfortable or are you secretly quite happy with what you’ve got right now?

Here at EthelBertClub we can never get too comfortable while Bert’s still got those socks on after a month.

Are you already a little complacent, waiting for things to be done for you with little effort or training for yourself? Maybe, like Bert, you need some-one to change your socks for you. And ask yourself this.

Do you really want to succeed? Is your mindset set in the right place like Bert’s socks have set solid on his feet.

Will you take the time to learn what you need to learn to succeed, or will your imaginary friend tell you that you ain’t got the time?

Unhappy imaginary friends need correcting and so does the mind set they give you without you realising they’re there or what they’re up to.

The benefits of online marketing start for you the moment you start, just like they started for us the moment we started.

And now Bert just won’t stop starting because being online all day every day is better than washing up any old day Bert says. He’s right of course.

Here’s just a few of the major benefits that you can enjoy while being online and branding yourself and promoting other folks’ stuff.

There are so many benefits really and you’ll discover more to your delight as you go.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number One

Most importantly, and as we’ve said repeatedly before, with this type of marketing, or any multi level marketing system, you’ll get much higher commissions.

That’s very important to know when you really need cash because your future depends on it.

My hubby Bert and I work from home because we have to.

Like many, we’re disabled, both physically, and in Bert’s case, way more than just that.

We have applied everything we suggest as good training ourselves as we build our EthelBertClub brand. You can see the results for yourselves at the various platforms we are found on and at Google, by googling EthelBertClub, LuckyEthel, or even My Mate Bert.

Bert’s even got his very own Google search results page that he is ever so proud of. He says you’ve gotta know about search engine optimisation to carry that off.

One of the things we find beneficial immediately for newcomers to online marketing is the ability to immediately start getting ready for future branding and immediately start earning a little cash towards our costs with no delays.

That way when you see cash start to accumulate in under the first hour you’ll feel better knowing you ARE already starting to earn some cash right now.

We use traffic exchanges to brand ourselves in front of hundreds of groups of people for nothing every day, and in using them we earn the cash that covers all of our online costs as we go. For us it’s a win win situation.

We’ve accidentally got people joining traffic exchanges under us and upgrading so they can brand and test their ads and we accidentally earn commissions without ever trying to.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number Two

Whose boss are you right now?

Are you your own boss or has your boss tried to make you fit into his boxes even though he asked you to think outside the box maybe?

Another key benefit with online marketing is as everyone who does it says, you are your own boss. If you choose to you can think outside the box, as the silly saying goes, and create a business for yourself, which is probably not what your current boss has in his current or future plans for you.

At EthelBertClub we call thinking outside the box a silly saying because the so-called boxes folk create are entirely of their own creation, they make them themselves and hide themselves inside them.

At EthelBertClub we’ve done away with the notion of sitting in anyone’s box because to us these boxes do not exist.

We use the Go on I Dare You technique, as taught by all professional imaginary friends, because it gets a great deal further than the I’m Not Sure If I’m Good Enough Button.

We dared to be our own bosses years ago.

As Bert will willingly tell you, I’m the Boss. And, Bert’s the boss but not as much the boss as I am.

So ask yourself this question. Do I Dare?

Do I dare being my own boss?

Do I dare throwing the box out of the window and thinking and doing things for myself for a change?

Do I Dare press the I dare button and start my own online business?

Do I dare or don’t I dare?

Only you can decide that one.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number Three

Benefiting your customers.

Helping your customers in whatever they need help with always helps them but it also helps you. Not only will your customers learn to trust you if you lead them through an honest sales process, without hype or deception of any kind but they’ll love the products or services you promote if you promote stuff carefully and properly, offering the customer what they need, not what you might want them to buy.

After all, online marketing is really about the customer when you come to think about it. All honest, relevant and targeted advertising campaigns work when they target the right folk with the right stuff which is what they want to buy.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number Four

Being as rich as you want to be. Whether you need a few dollars here and there as you go or if you need a million dollars in your bank when you succeed at online marketing the sky is the limit. There are no bars to how much you can earn if you’re willing to learn and apply the training you get from everywhere online.

Because of social media the modern online world is not just about selling. It’s also about gaining new friends, new knowledge and new experiences.

It’s about you deciding how much time you need to place into your own online business to make you as much cash as you want, you’re the boss and you’re your own banker.

The most successful online entrepreneurs didn’t start with just ten minutes each day and nor did we at EthelBertClub.

We started with every minute each day could give us. Dedicated time with a dedicated mission in mind. The mission to succeed.

So many succeed but so many fail.

The main reason for failure is not committing the time and effort to succeeding, but just committing a little time to failing instead. The successful dedicate their time and effort wholesale, without reservations, just learning as needed as they go, using trial and error whenever necessary.

The only thing that successful entrepreneurs do that failures don’t is to carry on trying and never giving up. It works. It will work for you. Try & Try again.

There is no such thing as failure in the mindset of the successful entrepreneur, just discoveries, including the discovery that different routes may be needed.

Successful people don’t burden themselves with failure or repeatedly stab themselves when they simply do not need to.

Instead, they adorn themselves with self belief and succeed even if it takes a lifetime. They just never give up trying.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number Five

When you are promoting other peoples’ stuff there should already be a highly professional set of promotion tools available for you to use right now or the moment you start.

Any decent and professional company that wants you to be an affiliate for them will already have everything you need to look good yourself as you help make them look good too. It’s a swings and roundabouts situation.

By associating yourself with a giant in the industry, such as Amazon, who are always looking for associates, as they call them, to sell their stuff for them, you can look highly professional from the start.

Good companies looking for people to promote their stuff help those people to do it properly.

They should always provide expert promotional tools for all of their affiliates but they should also demand that their affiliates have a basic understanding of what they’re doing plus a site or platform of some kind, like Facebook for example, where you can look professional as you promote them so that you don’t damage their brand image.


Very Important Benefit Of Affiliate Marketing Number Six

When doing any kind of online marketing you can throw the box out of the window.

You can be as creative as your imagination will allow. It’s your online business to promote in any way you see fit.

But remember this. We now live in a modern world that is filled with visual imagery and videos so to stand out you’ll need to be as creative as you can be.

Recent UK data clearly shows that it is the creative industries that are expanding at twice the rate of any other, in every area of industry, and online too.

So be creative. No boxes to think outside of and no limits to what you can create.

However, being creative is an art form in itself.

We find that many newcomers to affiliate marketing fail to realise their own true potential. Often they fail to realise how creative they can be.

Here at EthelBertClub we advise everyone to reconnect with their imaginary friend who helped them as a child.

How will your imaginary friend help you?


Very Important Benefit Of Imaginary Friends Number One

One of the many ways Imaginary friends help when they’re consulted is by convincing you to use the I Dare You button before you get the chance to talk them back down with any kind of sense or reason, even when your type of sense or reason is non-sensible or unreasonable because you’ve taught yourself to disbelieve in yourself if you’ve taught yourself not to dare anymore like you did as a child.

That’s adults for you. We grow and we teach ourselves not to be imaginative any more. Kids things are for kids only we say. But how wrong we often are.

It’s the inner child inside each and everyone of us that yearns to be loved, to help others without need for reward or even the need to be noticed when being kind.

Especially when we drop a hot teapot filled with tea on a tray with toast, butter and jam, in their bed as we surprise them by being ever so helpful as we wake them up on mother’s day.

Here at EthelBertClub we always say, unleash your imaginary friend, the one you had as a child who helped you be strong and fearless in the face of overwhelming forces such as when playing cowboys and Indians with the other kids on your street.

The imaginary friend who said, We Dare. we dare. yes we do, we. dare. Join us and we’ll help you reconnect with your imaginary friend and together you can once again reach the stars.

Join us and hit the I dare button, and see how high and how far you can fly.

Bert’s now got the job of creating a new, I do dare, really and honestly, I do Dare, button for our Facebook thingies.

That’s it for today everyone…

Coming up next in this first steps training for newcomers to affiliate marketing here at EthelBertClub,

The importance of branding and how branding involves being what’s called, omni present , or, for the unposh among us today, being everywhere at the same time.

We hope you found this training fun and informative. If you did, we are so delighted.

Get in touch in any comments section or by using our contacts page at EthelBertClub. Add us to your bookmarks.

Join our newsletter gang and facebook group. keep up to date with everything we do.

Here at EthelBertClub we are here to help you, and remember, EthelBertClub is the home of


Finally, I’d just like to say to you Bert, change those socks, or at least send them back to the manufacturer and tell them their socks just don’t work properly.

This is me, LuckyEthel signing off, with my dear hubby Bert.

Join us for the next part in our First Steps Training for newcomers to affiliate marketing and in the meanwhile please join our newsletter and like our Facebook page.

The link should be somewhere around here, but Bert’s been involved so it really could be anywhere by now.

See you all very soon. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bert you’ve broken it. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bert you’ve broken it. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bert you’ve broken it. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bert you’ve broken it.


Part 1 The Numbers Game

Part 2 What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Part 4 The Importance Of Branding


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