Legit = Leg It = Scam

My Mate, Bets asks What Is Stopping You?

Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to Legit = Leg It = Scam.

Did you know that every time you use the word LEGIT on your ads or on your site you are helping to kill the affiliate marketing industry?

Not only that, you’re raising doubts about you in your potential customers’ minds.  This is not necessary!

My Mate Bert GoodnightIt points out to potential customers that your industry may well be dodgy! 

Do you want to alarm new customers before you’ve even had the chance for them to meet you and love you?

Had we ourselves used it while working in the commercial business systems industries we would have been dismissed on the spot!

In everyday life this term doesn’t always mean what many newcomers to affiliate marketing are being led to believe it does.

This can also be an indicator of whether a company has researched the meanings of words at their own sites so they do not cause customer confusion.

You Do Not Need To Join The LEGIT Bandwagon.


Here’s what Wiktionary says about this:

“…to run away, to flee”.

Check Here For Yourselves So You Don’t Shoot Yourself

As Marketers Once Again Over Use Words

And Erradicate Their Meaning


The term, LEGIT is now so overused by marketers that now this is just an entirely hollow word.

Using the term LEGIT is absolutely NO GUARANTEE OF LEGITIMACY!

Using the term LEGIT just raises fears that you are in an area that is filled with scams. 

Why place this idea into anyone’s head when there is just no need to? 

Sony, Disney, Walmart, NONE of the big boys do it – they simply prove by their actions that they are entirely reputable.

You Do Not Need To Join The LEGIT Bandwagon.

We simply say and display – The Proof Of Our Pudding Is In Our Works!

Checkout The Proof Of Our Pudding Here…


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