How To Grow A FaceBook Audience

My Mate, Bets asks What Is Stopping You?

Hiya, from me, Bert, & welcome to How To Grow A FaceBook Audience

An online audience is the viewership you get to anything you place online.

If you want to get an online audience, people who really want to see your stuff and offers, service or affiliate projects you plan, just follow these steps below.

The following steps work really well for FaceBook, but the concepts will work across any social media platform.


LuckyEthel n Bert Say HiyaStep 1 – Find Out What Audience Want To See

Make sure you give them REAL VALUE. 

Make sure your stuff grabs some type of audience response by being entirely relevant.


Step 2 – Do Audience Research At Facebook

Follow those who offer similar products or services or competitors to see what they are doing and responses they get.  Post to their pages with real value content.  Look for people who like X & Y or your type of things and their favourite interests then target those folks.

Step 3 – Create Targeted Ads.

It’s all about quality not quantity.

Use research info from Graph Search to target interest groups. 

Also target people running searches for those particular things.


Step 4 – Create a piece of Value Content

Make value content such as an intro offer PLUS a Premium Quality Piece as a bonus for your target audience which would appeal to them & get a response.


Step 5 – Use Hashtags for each item. IE #FacebookMarketing

Your stuff will then be available to all who press that hashtag. 

We use #EthelBertClub, #UnseriousSeriousMarketing, #AffiliateMarketing, to name just 3 or the many we use ourselves at FaceBook.


Step 6 – Networking – Write guest posts at other FB sites.

Offer relevant comments at other peoples’ posts.

This will help grow your audience and your personal contacts lists.


To Really Seal The Deal

Go Beyond & Give What Was Not Expected At The End.


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