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Hiya, EthelBert Gang. Welcome to Branding YOUniversity – Loading Your FREE vlog

If you’re a newcomer to Branding YOUniversity and have seen all the exciting features now available you’ll be itching to load your first video up to the Branding YOUniversity free affiliate vlogging platform. 

In this guide we’ve used our own public live info so you can see and compare info entered to given results by checking our live vlog below.


Stabdard Partner vlog Link Creator Page


Here’s how to get your vlog running with as little technical knowledge as possible & where you can easily see what goes where and why.

This could prevent your brains going BANG.


First you need to log into your Branding YOUniversity dashboard and select the VLOG option.


Branding YOUniversity Dashboard


The Branding YOUniversity VLOG Creator page will now appear.

Twitter Testimonials Branding YOUniversity - Marc LalondeIf you’ve not yet watched any videos by Marc, Lalonde, owner & chief linchpin, do so as soon as you can. 

Marc is waiting to meet you at the Branding YOUniversity FaceBook Page Here.

Marc will give you a flavour of how his excellent vlogging platform will work for you, in his own inimitable friendly style.

Once you’ve watched a video to meet Marc scroll down the page and enter your Partner Affiliate Code into the box then press the GET STARTED button.

It may take up to 24 hours for your Partner Affiliate Code to arrive in your email box.  You’ll be unable to proceed to the next part without this. Check your email every so often until your Partner Affiliate Code email arrives.

If this is you please read on to familiarise yourself with the next steps and info that will be required your when code email arrives.


Ethel n Bert n Branding YOUniversityUntil then you deserve a quick fun break to lighten the load after discovering Branding YOUniversity

Pop by and take a peek at one of our latest coffee break fun posts

When The Brits Popped Round


Once You Have Your Partner Affiliate Code

Your Partner Affiliate Code will be located via your dashboard in the Admin Section at the top.

Enter your Affiliate Partner Code into the text box provided & press GET started button.


Partner Affiliate Code Box


You will now be directed to the following page.  Scroll down this page and enter your own information.

(we’ve used our own free vlog public info as a demo for visual purposes)

Stabdard Partner vlog Link Creator Page

vlog Heading Area

vlog Info Sub-Text Area

Note:  You can add .jpg .png & .gif files quite happily into the Branding YOUniversity vlogging platform but all images will be flattened or widened if not square.


Our EthelBertClub Intro Toon Video Visual Result On Page:


Now we need find the YouTube code that will be needed to display our video from YouTube as a vlog. 

Note: Only YouTube videos can be used at this time.

In the top web address bar for the YouTube video you wish to use highlight the portion following the    ?v=    the area as highlighted in blue below.  This highlighted part will be different for every different YouTube video you use.

Copy this info into memory. (CTRL+C)


YouTube vlog video code


Paste the code into the Video Code box as image below. (CTRL+V)

vlog secondary section

Checkout Our FREE

Branding YOUniversity


vlog HERE

EthelBert Club Promo Widget 01


That’s it.  It is as simple as that.

As soon as you press the Generate Vlog Link button your FREE Branding YOUniversity vlog is ready for you to show to the world.

When you check your vlog don’t forget to check the extra amazing dynamic content below your video.

Then register for the next Sunday Webinar packed with brilliant advice & insider tips from

Marc Lalonde at Branding YOUniversity.


Checkout Part One Of Our First Steps Training Here


My Mate Bert In Cell


Join My Mate, Bert On FaceBookDo you have a branding or advertising question you need an answer to or help with? 

Just leave just get in touch using our Contact Us page or any comments section at this site & we’ll get right back to you.

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My Mate Bert Goodnight

We look forward to hearing from you & any stories you may wish to share with our visitors. 

Thanks, Bert.





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