How Washington Became Sploshington – What Happens When The Brits Pop Round

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Hiya, Gang.  Welcome to How Washington Became Sploshington – What Happens When The Brits Pop Round.

This is the latest in our Survival Guides to After The Brits Popped Round.

It might well be the first and last according to our lawyers.

Back in the old days, when the USA was just thinking about how bad them Brits really and truly was, they had a tea party and thought about it over a nice cuppa.

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Well, they would have done.  But that’s when the Brits popped round.

But the Brits hadn’t taken dear old George Washington into consideration. 

By the time the Brits got to burn down dear old George’s White House it had started pissing down and no-one would let them in so they all dropped down dead. 

George didn’t care if it rained that much ‘coz he had a funny hair-do anyway.

And that’s how Washington Became Sploshington and us Brits had a right old larf.

But we got our arses kicked that day as usual.

‘Coz that’s what happens when us Brits pop round.


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    • Hello, Mary – The Brits just don’t teach their kids the truth about real things except dole queues so my hubby, Bert says he needs to set the record straight. I think Bert’s the perfect bloke for the job. He knows all about places ever so far away too. How Sidney Became Sydney. Catch you soon. Ethel.

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