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Hello & welcome to another LuckyEthel QuickTip – Act As If – Your Start To Online Marketing – inspired by & courtesy of Marc Lalond & Branding YOUnivserity.

Acting As If doesn’t mean pretending you are a successful online marketer to others.  It means behaving yourself As If you already have achieved something great – to brainwash yourself into the successful entrepreneurial mind-set.

Start your online journey with your mind behaving like you’ve succeeded and that’s where your journey will lead you, if you put in the time & effort.

Time & Effort become easier to manage if you’ve already convinced yourself to win, win, win!  It’s what all great champions in all sports do.

Tell yourself inside your head – I Belong In The Millionaire Class.

Become a champion from today and Act As If you are a champion.

Hope this helps your mind-set a little.

Catch you soon for another LuckyEthel QuickTip.



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