Fear Of Failure Is Greater Than The Desire For Reward

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Hello, everyone.  Did you know that Fear Of Failure Is Greater Than The Desire For Reward?

It’s true!  Fear of burning yourself will motivate you to leave a burning building at the North Pole.  Desire to keep warm, however, won’t keep you inside, will it?

If you want to succeed at anything use this strategy.  It works.  It works for giving up smoking.  That’s why many countries now make tobacco companies put gruesome anti-smoking images on cigarette and tobacco products.

Fear of failure will also guide you to succeed in marketing.  Imagine the pain you’ll feel tomorrow morning when you kick yourself hard because you were afraid to make a post today for for of failure.

Let the fear of pain over-ride your desire for wealth because all the ads that offer great wealth are more than often false pipe dreams.

We don’t peddle pipe dreams so join us for our next QuickTip.

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