Are You Serious About Working From Home?

My Mate, Bets asks What Is Stopping You?

Join My Mate, Bert On FaceBookIf you are serious about working from home you will have to include FaceBook somewhere in your marketing strategy.

FaceBook has recently introduced a new algorithm to help cut down on spamming ads and scams.  That’s why so many marketers are ending up in FaceBook jail for anything up to 6 months.

How do you avoid ending up in FaceBook jail because you’ve been over-enthusiastic with your posting & group joining at FaceBook?

Here’s how to avoid FaceBook jail and keep their new algorithm happy:


  • FaceBook Loves Videos.  Posting videos helps keep the new FaceBook algorithm happy.
  • Having 2 profiles at FaceBook means you can still access one account is the other is locked.
  • Never post more than 1 article in any 3 hour period.
  • Never join more than 10 FaceBook Groups per day. 
  • Never seek out and request nor accept Friend Requests more than 10 new friends at FaceBook per day.

Don’t get jailed for spamming.


Many thanks for excellent information above to: Chris Thornhill.


Most people throw around the word SCAM like pizza toppings because they tried it, didn’t get taught right, then failed at it“. – Chris Thornhill


Keep within the guidelines Chris recommends & you should keep free from FaceBook jail.



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