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My Mate Bert "Got Me" ShootoutHiya, Gang & Fellow TE Surfers!   Want to know how you can be on Page 1 On Google where visual imagery is at a premium!

Come & join our newsletter at the bottom of this page & we can all have a giggle as we show you how.

It was meant to be at the top but I prefer the word Bottom ‘coz that makes me giggle and forget to turn off the toaster.

We’ve Hit Page 1 On Google More Than Once!

(additional repeat of heading keyword driving Google keywords rankings above)

Why is that important?  That’s where new contacts & referrals will come flooding from.

Wanna see proof of the pudding?  Simply copy & paste, or even type the following keywords into Google.  It’s our job to keep these there so we’ve got to prove our puddings every day.



(2 additional headings & links & keywords

driving Google rankings above)


At the time of posting we are on page 1 on every one of these terms here in the UK.


Google LuckyEthel

(click to enlarge)



My Mate Bert Google

(click to enlarge)


What this means is that as long as we regularly add new content to our sites page 1 of Google in our country is where we can stay.

We’ve been branding for almost 30 years and we do know our stuff.  We’ve even got our own Google search page result.  And that doesn’t change until WE tell it to so it’s great for linking to images or banners.





Lurking At Hungry For Hits Is GREAT Fun!!




Lurkers R Us


Bert’s well chuffed!!

Just imagine what joining for our regular newsletters CAN & WILL do for you & your referrals.

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My Mate Bert Goodnight

We look forward to hearing from you & any stories you may wish to share with our visitors. 

Thanks, Bert.




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Hello from me, LuckyEthel (AKA Caroline Kish) - I've been doing online affiliate marketing with my hubby, (AKA My Mate, Bert), for decades....since 1998...20 YEARS THIS YEAR!!


    • Hello, Mike. Lovely to meet you. Thanks for saying Hi. Hope a little quick info is useful to TE surfers as they rush past. All the best – Caroline (PS – Feel free to leave a link to a site you like here in any comment so have added one of yours here.

      Catch you soon, we hope.


      Meet Mike Here

  1. Thanks for the Google SEO tips Ethel. You and Bert make learning this stuff entertaining. How do you contain Bert long enough to get a blog-post off.

    • Hello, Courtney – great to say Hi.

      I often find sealing Bert in his shed helps until I’ve finished. Not really standard NATO practice but it works on Bert.

      Catch you soon I hope as we unravel more tips & advice for surfers and advertisers alike.

      All the very best – LuckyEthel

    • Hiya, Kevin. Hope it’s OK to put a link to your FB Page here.

      Great to see ya and thanks for having a look.

      We Hadda Brainwave. That’s My Mate, Bert (my imaginary friend who keeps getting me arrested (lol)) ‘n’ me yonks ago. We watched as the internet started and grew and were an active part of it from within the business systems industries supplying networks and software to commercial clients.

      They were ever so stiff and boring and everything had to be professional, clean and just right. Our brainwave was bugger that old malarkey…they’re getting ulcers! But after training people in computers and how to use them we were lucky, my wife Caroline and me. We knew from direct experience that people best remember things that made them smile or giggle. Humour is a great training method.

      Delighted you’re having fun. All the best – Andre.

      Ethel n Bert

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