Branding Is Being Everywhere At The Same Time

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Be Creative – Get Seen


There is an advertising term called “Omni-present” which means Branding Is Being Everywhere At The Same TimeInformation courtesy of Marc Lalande

As a marketer, whether you’re using traffic exchanges only, or marketing outside on social media, you need your brand to be seen again and again and again.

Traffic exchange users struggle with branding often because everything is done for them.  They need only use the referral links to banners, splash pages, etc, provided by the traffic exchange owners and the majority of their work is done.


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Be Creative – Get Seen


But because the majority of traffic exchanges never teach their members how or where to advertise on social media quite often members are unaware that out on the social media platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, there is a vast ocean of people looking for free advertising, TE members sadly get few paying referrals.

Sadly, affiliate marketers can become their own worst enemies when they flood any ad platform with the same ads. 

How are you going to stand out in the crowd?


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 Be Creative – Get Seen


If you’re a serious affiliate marketer make sure you spread your ads across as many platforms as you can – AT THE SAME TIME.  This way you cannot be overlooked or ignored.

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