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Hiya, Gang – welcome to Boosting FaceBook Posts, about Facebook advertising & what you need to know as soon as possible when starting out online.

In this article we will be focusing on boosting your Facebook ads before a relevant & interested audience.  

Boosting posts or placing ads on Facebook can be very confusing so we’ve created this easy to follow guide to save you time and money on Facebook Advertising by creating effective ads.


Today We Will Learn

  • What Facebook boosts are all about.
  • The different types of Facebook boosts.
  • A few Facebook boosting tips.
  • Understanding the spending involved with boosting posts.
  • How to set up a Facebook post step by step.

Read on & you will know how to get the most out of boosting posts at Facebook and discovered how to improve your ad performances.  Do let us know how you get on.


What is a Facebook Boost?

Most Facebook posts are fed into friends’ news feeds using the Facebook  algorithm called Edgerank.  This usually means that only between 5% – 12% of your audience will ever see your post.  

For this reason Facebook have a system called Boosting.

Basically Facebook boosts are mini ads of your existing posts to broaden the reach of any new or existing post you’ve already created.  

Any post that you’ve had past success with when boosting can be boosted again before the same or a new target audience.  In this way it’s easy to broaden any post’s reach in terms of who sees and interacts with it.


Where Are Boosted posts Seen?

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Boosted posts are only displayed in a Facebook member’s news feed, not the sidebar where only Facebook Ads are shown.

Boosting is determined by a different complex set Facebook algorithms, designed to show your boosts to who is most likely to react to your posts & therefore display them to the most likely interested visitors.

There’s no guarantee of results, however, and like all forms of advertising a degree of trial and error will be involved here.  

Since Facebook boosts are very inexpensive & can be done for as little as a dollar a day it will give many people the opportunity to test & test again until they find what works best for them.

Boosted posts say ‘Sponsored’ alongside them so your viewers will know you’ve gone to the expense of paid promotion.  This can often increase views.


Facebook Boosting Tips

Some things to keep in mind when boosting posts in Facebook:


TIP 1 – Best Facebook Posting Times

To get maximum visibility without boosting any post recent Facebook data shows that the best times to post are –

  • Weekdays between 1pm & 3pm, except on a Tuesday, when everybody seems to be less interested for some reason not yet discovered.
  • Saturday & Sunday between 12pm & 1pm.

If, however, you wish your friends followers to see your posts you’ll probably need to boost them.

This is because you’ll be unlikely to know the times when your friends’ followers are on Facebook so this can be where boosting can make a major different to your post reach., and therefore sales.


TIP 2 – Images must not contain more than 15% text

This means that the total area within an image must contain 15% or less text information, titles, etc, within that image.

Facebook’s system will automatically scan images to determine the text area percentage and will reject any images that lose their visual appeal due to excessive texts or information within the image.

This has nothing to do with the text content within any post – just the text within any boosted displayed image that’s with any post.

Facebook offer a brilliant image scanner that you can use to test the text percentage of any image so you can ensure your images won’t be declined because of text percentage.

Check it out here


TIP 3 – You Cannot Edit A Post’s Test After It Has Been Boosted

If you want to change the text inside any boosted post you’re promoting you need to delete the old boost and redo with a new boost for that post.   Before boosting any post go through them to make sure that they’re exactly the way you want them and that all the information contained is correct.


CalendarHow Long Is A Boosted Post Displayed?

A boosted post can last for anywhere between 1 and 7 days.  Using boosts it’s possible to set a budget for boost to run for a week with daily set budgets for different boosted posts that together make up the week’s total budget.  This can be very handy when split testing different boosting types or when a limited budget has to be spread across a few days.


3 Ways To Boost Facebook Posts

Before a specific targeted audience

These boosted posts will be shown to an audience whose demographic you set yourself – for example, people aged between 25 – 54 who are male, who live in a particular area & who like sea fishing.  

These folk are entirely separate from your friends, followers or people who like your page and will allow you to engage with a whole new group of people.


Before people who like your page

  • boosted to people who already like your page
  • this is a great way to make sure that people who like your page don’t miss your message in the long list of items in their news feeds every day.


Before people Who Like Your page AND their friends

In order to use this type of boost you need to have at least 50 people who like your PAGE.  This is essentially staying within your own circle of friends but broadening this outwards to their friends as well once you’ve got a page that’s good enough to have gained 50 page likes.


Why Do I Need To Boost A Post?

You may well wonder why you would need to boost a post when your followers already receive your posts automatically.

The people who follow you will still see your posts but they go past quickly.  Anyone who is already active in Facebook will tell you how much time they spend scrolling down their news feeds each day when they have hundreds of items posted by the people they follow.  

It’s so easy for any posted item to get buried way down any news feed list so boosting a post will help your audience see your items.

When not boosting posts there has to be a certain amount of good timing involved to ensure that people will see your stuff.  

If you already know the times your friends or followers are likely to be on Facebook then you may not really need to boost any posts.


Wallet In ViceUnderstanding the spending involved with boosting posts.

2 spending metrics to keep in mind when boosting posts.

  • The fixed total budget spread across the selected number of days.  This is how much total you wish to spend on that post boost.
  • The boost post duration, ie, how many days the boost will show.

One of the cool advantages of boosting posts is that boost costs are fixed once agreed.  

You can set a predetermined spending budget and spread that across posts and days to get maximum flexibility and effectiveness.  Should you wish to spend $10 over 7 days you’ll spend £10/7 daily maximum ($1.42 daily spend).


The narrower the audience – the cheaper it gets.

This is a very important factor when it comes to creating a really good boost in terms of cost to return effectiveness because the cost of boosts is dictated by the audience you set.


Cheapest Boosts

The cheapest ads are where you boost to your existing likes.  This can be the most cost effective form of boosting as your likes are already interested in your posts.


Middle Cost Boosts

The next more expensive boosts are those to friends AND their friends where you’re increasing the audience range outwards.


Most Expensive Boosts

The most expensive boosts are those to a targeted audience but, strangely, these can often turn out to be the most cost effective if targeted to the right interested audience who want to see your kind of posts.

With the right placement these boosts can often turn out to be the cheapest overall when you know your audience details and their age ranges, hobbies & likes or dislikes for example.


Improving Boost Cost Performance Ratios

You might find that boosting posts to people in a certain location only can greatly improve cost effectiveness per boost so as you can see, the more you understand your target audience the more cost effective your ads will be.  

For affiliates this can be especially advisable where cost effectiveness is at a premium and commission rates aren’t great enough to allow wasted advertising.


Setting up a boost – step by step

Facebook Boosted PostsStep 1 – go to the post you want to boost.  

This can be done by scrolling to the post required or by using the INSIGHTS tab within your Facebook page called where your posts will be listed for you to see. You can boost any existing or new posts so you can use boosting to bring new life to old articles, etc, but do remember that images are far more eye catching that plain old texts and will grab far more interest when used with any post.


Facebook Boosted PostsStep 2 – Press Boost button

Press the small Boost Post button on the lower right hand side of the selected post.









Facebook Boosts Choose Your AudienceStep 3 – Choose Your Audience

It’s always important to know who you want to see your boosts because reaching the right audience is vital.

In the drop-down, you can choose People who like your Page and their friends, or you can choose your own target audience by choosing People you choose to target.

When you select People You Choose To Target checkbox, you can target people by location, age and gender.



Facebook Boosts Choose Your BudgetStep 4 – Choose Your Budget

You can start boosting posts with a total budget of just $1.

After you type in the amount you’ve chosen you’ll see the estimated number of people that boost is expected to reach.

Take this as a conservative estimate and use the lower figure as your more reliable guide.

Facebook recommend starting with a budget of $30 but remember that Facebook want you to spend with them.  

We suggest using the Choose Your Own budget option as we’ve found that starting with as little as $5 is just as cost effective but gives us greater budgetary control.

You’ll next have the option to chose how many days to spread your boost and total budget over, between 1 and 7 days.


Step 5 – Boost Your Post

Select how you want to pay & that’s it.  Your ad will now go through an approval process which typically takes just a few moments to approve or decline any ad.  

During this time one of the things that will be checked is the text inside the feature image ratio & if your ad is declined you will be told why.

As mentioned before, the image can be no more than 15% of the image so if it’s greater Facebook may well reject the ad.  This is one of the main reasons for ads to be declined where no other clear Facebook reasons for refusal of any boost exist.


Summing It All Up

As we have seen above, Facebook offer quite a good way for you to help get the word out about your posts or pages.

Using boosts can be beneficial to both you and your followers or customers as it can help keep people informed or any deal of promo you may have, while not losing that info way down in a news feed.

Boosts are very easy to set up and use once you get the hang of your target audience’s details and interests.  At the same time boosts give you great control over your spending budget PLUS giving the chance for maximum targeting of ads.

In effect, Facebook have created the ideal method for you to promote yourself, your page or your products/services.

No wonder over 2 billion people now use Facebook!


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