Pause Your TE Ads On Fast Timer Days

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Don’t waste your advertising – Pause Your TE Ads On Fast Timer Days.

Are you fed up having your hard earned traffic exchange credits wasted on days when the surf timer is too fast to load and show your site?

On fast timer days let just your banners roll.

Average TE Surf Timer

The average surf timer is around 4 – 10 seconds which is normally perfect for any website to load and be displayed.

Average Time For Site To Load

The average time for a blog site to load is between 2 – 6 seconds.  Any longer loading than this will mean your site hardly ever gets seen at all.

Pause Ads On Fast Timer Days

But what about the days when traffic exchanges lower the surf timers and sites don’t always get seen because they’ve loaded too slow and have disappeared before the surf timer moves on to the next site?

We recommend that you pause your ads on sites that have lowered their surf timers for the days when they won’t be seen.  This will save you time or advertising costs.

Let Your Banners Roll

Banners are fast loading and can work much better on fast timer days when most surfers are looking at the top of the screen where the icons are.

Fast surfers generally just glance down to see if a page if a familiar prize page only.

Use Fast Loading Splash Pages

How about using fast loading landing or splash pages that will get your ads seen in just over a second at most advertising platforms?  They are sure to help your online business when used correctly.


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